PIA ATR-42 Crash


Wow, website link?

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Yeah just got a Google news alert about 10mins ago. Wonder what happened ?

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Please add sources when posting these things… Here they are:


And please make your title more specific


It is confirmed, the plane has crashed…


oh my god, hope everyone’s ok. Always have hope!



The best website to be updated.

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The plane went down in the mountains 45 miles west of Islamabad.

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What happened to the aircraft ?

The plane suffered engine problems. #RIP

Both engines?? All planes are certified to fly on 50% thrust.

Apparently crashing with 1 good engine. This will be interesting to follow.

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They found it hit a mountain…

All 48 passengers and crew on board the aircraft have died according to the airlines chairman.

I don’t understand if one engine failed why didn’t the other produce thrust???

The pilots hit the mountains because they was a like a city and he didn’t want to kill innocent people so he crashed into the mountains

A British midlands flight crashed with one working engine because the pilots accidentally shut the working engine off.

People do strange things in time pankic, the crew probably were rushing as it was just after take off. Also the BAE aircarft that crashed had a soccer team in it, this one had a Famous post-star that I have neater heard of, this is just a coincidence but something to look into.

Such a shame for PIA. Hopefully this doesn’t affect their existence as a reputable airline. RIP.