PIA A320 crashes onto houses near Karachi

Pakistan International Airlines A320 crashed onto houses on approach into Karachi.

This is a developing story

What we know?

  • Aircraft was a 15.7 year old A320-200, registration AP-BLD, flight number PK8308
  • Plane was doing a scheduled flight between Lahore and Karachi.
  • Flightradar only captured a few seconds after takeoff from Lahore.
  • Possible passengers list The scans of that list were posted multiple times.
  • Possible Confirmed crash site - Jinnah Garden. Traffic also seems to suggest so.
  • Possible transmissions before crash suggest that the might have lost both engines - @Maxim
  • 6 survivors, 4 of them are stable - province health minister. Please note that these are survivors from the plane and ground combined.
  • Statements list - @Hamza.N

Everything that isn’t confirmed by pakistani officials or photo/video will be labeled as possible information to avoid fake news.

What to monitor?

Photos and videos might be disturbing

The Airbus A320 was on approach into Karachi airport, however, the aircraft crashed in the neighborhood of the Malir Cantonment: Jinnah Garden (Model Colony), a residential area just east of the airport.

A PIA spokesman said that the aircraft carried 99 passengers and 8 crew members.


This is a developing story that has just occurred in the recent 30-50 minutes ago, We have to wait and see as only time will give us answers.


Rest in Peace. My condolences to the families of those who died in this difficult time. 😢🙏


Oh no! Keep us updated @sqeezelemon 🥺


Oh no! Rest in peace to the victims of this crash. My prayers and condolences goes to the families of affected ones :(


So sad. Hopefully we won’t see a worst case scenario… But what is the point in running flights during the pandemic? Pakistan is still in the middle of the pandemic like India!

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Rest in peace to all.


Apprently tried to land 2-3 times. Winds are around 20km/h, heading SW. No tropical storms around, visibility is around 5-10km ground level.


I believe it is for cargo.

It carried 99 passengers and 7 crew (more than 100 people otherwise, currently still ongoing)

Maybe a repatriation flight? Not sure tho

First video clearly showing fuselage parts surfaced

It is in the second link in Photos and videos. Please note that they might be disturbing

Totally not a repatriation flight, as it was a scheduled domestic service

RIP all of the people aboard the aircraft we stand by your family’s for this traffic event

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It was very close to the airport. My thoughts go out to everyone affected by this tragedy.


So sad to hear this.

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Sincere condolences for victims and their family

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Yep, was checking it just as you were typing. Considering traffic in the area it seems very possible


Pilot states they have lost both engines prior to the crash whilst talking to ATC and initiating a Mayday call.

https://twitter.com/DrUsman786666/status/1263791753363984384?s=20 (click on the link to listen).