PIA 77L bug

Ok Matt yes im now called the bug reported and I found a bug in my favourite 77L livery which is the PIA livery and there seems to be a green thingy on the left closed window before the P of the PIA. I hope it gets fixed! Today is a big day for bug fixes!

I don’t know if this one has been documented yet. I will try to look. This livery has been out for sometime I think and wasn’t new to 22.7.

EDIT. Looks like its been there since at least Sept. '20

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Yup its an old one from the rework, But atleast tell me its been documented

I hope its been noted and will be fixed in an air update soon

The developers are already aware of this considering it has been documented already. However, given fixes like these take up the developers time when they might also need to work on upcoming planes and updates, this might be of lesser priority. This is also why no timeline is provided in relation to the development of some things.

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