So Twice Today In A 737-700 I Was Approaching San Diego Airport (once At Either End Of The Runway) and on short final The Game Rendered my altitude to be 116ft But It Looked like 6000ft when I was Above the Runway
In The First Approach I Used APPR And In The Second I Flew It Manually In the APPR one I Stopped On The Runway Then the game Told Me I crashed While I Was Stopping Completely still On The Aiming Point Of The Opposite Runway I Landed ON
In The Second Approach I Used Low Graphics To see If My Device Just Needed A Little Break But I Landed After The Runway As The Game Was Just Putting My Plane 3000ft Above The Aiming Point Of The Runway.
I would Like To Knw What Happened………….
I Had Cleared The Cache Before The Second Flight to ensure the game Would Run normally, so please give me feedback soon.

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Hey There!

Have You Tried:

  • Restarting Your Device

  • Restarting Infinite Flight (Force close and shut down all background apps)

  • Uninstalling then Reinstalling IF

I also recommend restarting your router, just as a precaution. (Also ensure you have a strong signal)

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I will try un and re installing the app

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Reinstall the simulator, this ends up working most of the time! 😃

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