Physics update for A321

I was wondering if this is being done soon.


It’ll come soon I hope but at least for now the FDS hasn’t said anything regarding this topic stay tuned for the latest news

I don’t see anything wrong with the a321…Anyway LLC know’s theres issue with the a321 autopilot but it isn’t as simple as pressing a couple of buttons to fix! apparently it’s really hard!

Next time i see something happening to the a321 is if they do a little rework!

We need to be patient and and wait for the news from LLC like J2S said!

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I’m sure the team would like to disagree ;)

It doesn’t really need a full rework, it’s just the flight physics bug which needs to be fixed.

I don’t really think the A321 needs a rework. It already has pretty good physics…

The next update will most likely contain a fix.