Physics Revamp: E-Jet Family

Would love to see this family get a physics revamp to bring it up to date.
It’s a much loved aircraft. I saw the B777 was getting a revamp and was wondering if other craft were possibly receiving the same lucky treatment. Such an upgrade would also include auto land potentially.

  • Yes we need this!
  • No we don’t!

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This family got a pretty large physics revamp not too long ago - I don’t think much more will be done at this point in time.


This should include:

Those beautiful new winglets 😍


what about landing speeds aren’t they all the same even though the planes are totally different shapes etc. thats not standard.

The modeling of the tires looks like Oreos🍪🍪🍪🍪🍪


lol thats true. maybe small adjustments like that can be made

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The 777 is being revamped?!


physics revamp was announced not a design revamp.

Yes! Check out Matt’s instagram

When? Can I see the topic? I didn’t here about this. I does need new physics.

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Yup. Matt just announced it a few days ago.

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Wait, so is this coming with the 787?

Oh my god! That’s what happens when your off of insta for a few days…

But we don’t know the release dates.

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No one knows 😔🤔🙄

in a A320, and 737, and E170 i usually land at around 120-135 KNTS. In The Q400 I Land At 115-99 KNTS. But in SOLO i land the Q400 at around 93 KNTS! Once i landed it at 87 KNTS

It wasn’t a question

Nope. We don’t know if he’s going to revamp the 787 yet…

We do its announced

Wait… Sorry I worded it wrong. What I meant to say was that we don’t know when it will be released.

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