Physics of landing count

yeah same i’ve been using the tbm for years now works perfectly

i think going to KNRC with any GA aircraft would work better

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I’ll go have a try. Thanks!

I can show you a video on how to do it if we VC on Discord. It works fine for me if you load the correct points

Is that allowed? I thought it has to be between different airports. Where is this?

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Between runways are fine


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Yes, I was timing myself only on one runway. The first one you mentioned I think. @IZhang was doubling my count speed by choosing an accommodating muti runway layout.

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you’re welcome!

I usually take either an F-22 on casual around KLAX looping between the 25s and the 6s or an XCub/C172 at KEDW on that extremely long runway.

Both options allow me to wait the minimum time of 30 seconds between landings.

I mostly do the F-22 at KLAX because it’s faster and more fun than slowly buzzing over a quiet airport in the desert.

which airport?

it is is zuuu.


Ok, so I’ve now tried zuuu as recommended by @IZhang following the diagram. Early attempts are getting not too much more than 30 sec per landing. I worry somewhat less about speed control though to be able to do this. I think next time @IZhang’s 30 sec is a fun target!

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I just am unable to control my plane to turn properly to land, as its quite hard to tell which one is the runway

If you’re having trouble with the tight turn itself, it’s best to practice first with only one runway. Just keep turning around after landing each way on the one runway. I go off in a roughly teardrop shape turnaround return to the runway at each end.

Then when you finally go to the practice pattern at ZUUU, rely heavily on the in-cockpit view of the map to find the next runway. I still had to practice some to understand how to use the shape in the best way. And I’m sure I will get better next time.

So you stick to KNRC and circle back to the same runway, or you switch runways each time? When I circle around to alternate between them, somehow I’m not getting the 2nd landing count(?).

Someone mentioned using KNRC I think it was @Chloe_Alyse But it is an amazing airport to use with the TBM. I was kinda going a bit crazy and got 40 landings in 25 minutes. didn’t know the TBM can do such tight turns at high speeds.

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I think since runways intersect each other if you land and the part where the intersected runway is it won’t count because you’ve already landed on the other side. Figured it out very quickly and ramped up my landings!

Ok thank you, I’ve got to try that. The TBM used to be my landing count aircraft of choice. I need to go back and re-visit and compare. Now it’s like test which is best aircraft + best airfield.