Physics and math questions for pilots

Pilots must be good in math and physics. I will now write some questions to test you. Comment your answer. I will message you if you are right. Then later after everyone finish I will post the right answer. I see that many people say they want to be a pilot. See if you are good enough.

Level 1:
An aircraft at speed 900 km/h cruises at heading 0 with a wind of 89 km/h coming from 289 degrees. What is the time taken for the aircraft to travel a distance of 300 km north of its current position?
Assume thrust is constant.

Level 2:
An aircraft of mass 300,000 kg cruises at 36,000 feet. Every minute, 500 kg of fuel is burnt. The aircraft exerts a forward thrust of 250,000 N.
Assume the only forces acting are weight and thrust. Assume acceleration by gravity = 9.81 ms^-2
^ = to the power

To maintain constant altitude, how many degrees must the pilot pitch down every minute?
At the start of flight, plane has a pitch of 15 degrees above horizontal, what is the forward horizontal acceleration of the aircraft?

Level 3:
A plane crashes into the ocean at a velocity of 2356 km/h, and the impact only lasts for 2 seconds. The passengers are all wearing seatbelts that reduces the force of the impact by 100 times. Assume the force is evenly distributed to all parts of the plane.
Research suggests the force a person can withstand has an average of 600 N and a standard deviation of 200.
The average American is 80 kg. Would you expect an average American to survive the crash?

If all 200 people on the plane were exactly 80 kg, how many people would need to survive in order to doubt the research, at the 95% confidence level?


you can take a long time to do this. If you think it is hard then now you know it is hard to be a pilot. But you must try to do it.

Do people actually measure things in Newtons and km/hr in the cockpit, first I’m hearing of it and I’m a pilot, lol.

i just give an example, use the normal units for the equations

you are pilot, do the questions

I didn’t major in math for no reason ;)

@CaptainSooraj are these questions realistic at all?
I’m not being rude, they are just way out of my reach 😂

No, actually. They’re more for design engineers who then put them in the airplane flight manual.
Pilots are more concerned with flying the plane than making crazy calculations mid-air IRL. AVIATE, NAVIGATE, COMMUNICATE.


The first question is more realistic though. That’s something you’d find on a written test.
Although the units are way off and it’s too much of a headache to do the conversions.

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Nah, I just gave my commercial written. Done enough to calm my soul. Flying is easier 😂

Try this one if y’all are interested, though.

What would be your approximate pivotal altitude for flying between and keeping a pair of pylons on the ground within equal line of sight, if your groundspeed is 90kts, your altitude in AGL is 2000 feet and the terrain elevation is 700 feet?

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what pylons? what distance? what?

then do the questions

i do not know what is a pivotal altitude

"Sponsored by"😂🤣

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This is good!😃 Appreciate the questions from OP @anon79353067 and additionals from @CaptainSooraj, hope others will put in more questions in.
This thread is one of a kind
As for answers, I’d love to come back to this on my free time lol😅

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Glad I never had these questions cause I would definitely fail. Every. Single. One. Of them. Lol

Questions that applicable to pilots are…

-Weight and balance for your plane specifically in relation to cg.

-Fuel needed for a specific leg. Current fuel load. Fuel used from start-taxi-takeoff, en route cruise fuel usage. Add more fuel if you need an alternate airport aka ifr conditions.

  • est feet/min needed to reach the alt needed by ATC or a mandatory alt at a fix on an arrival or departure.

Those you will use almost daily.

Others that I would consider bonuses would be…

-Time vs distance covered vs speed.

  • Manual computation of pressure altitude.

Those are all I can think off.


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