Physically Impaired Need Not Apply!


I’m appalled. A Deaf Man cut off at the knees! See the topic “Headphone Communications” by Micheal Khange. Reading Mike item I viewed it as a ringing endorsement of IF’s comparability and benefit for the Hearing Imparied. Like Mike with my defective hearing, after years of abuse, I use the sub captions to. Mike topic may have bordered on items previously published but it certainly was not a duplicate as far as I’m concerned. I believe the Modulator should have let this item run its course an not Pin it after only a short one response run. Insensitivity to the human condition is the mark of the " uncivilized"!Just Sayin, Mad Max Sends.


Agreed, @Maxmustang. I was really hoping to see what other opinions people could chime in. Not to blame the moderators at all, but I felt that the issue was handled inappropriately. I kind of felt abruptly cut off from defending my view on the issue, as well as viewing other comments.

For those of you wondering, I’m the deaf person in question that Max mentioned.

@Maxmustang, it would be great to fly with you sometime! Thanks for the warm words, and thanks for taking your time to make a post like this! I’ve not seen a community member like that standing out for someone he doesn’t know well… Yet. (Looking forward to getting to know each other!)

My call sign is usually Virgin 818 Heavy (I fly a Virgin Atlantic A340-600- my favorite airline). However, on short flights, I’m Speedbird 818 flying an Embraer 190. I’ll be glad to fly whatever you want, though. My online user is StikLover2, though you’ll see me as Joshua Smithley.

Warm Regards!


It was closed because there are already at least 2 other topics that suggest the same thing.


@StikLover2 I’ll be watching for you. I’ll even fly a Trash Hauler which I rarely do, to much like driving a garbage truck, LOL. Respectfully, Max Sends