Physical Criteria to become an Airliner Pilot

@DeerCrusher, this one is for you and all other real life pilots that wish to participate in this conversation.

What is the physical criteria, and should there be one?

From time to time there are emergencies that require human muscle to interact with the controls of an airplane and correct whatever the issue is, if there be one.

so some skinny noodle armed pilot has a rudder jack to the right and has to counteract. Should there be a physicsl criteria for pilots? Besides a yearly physical.

Just wondering.

Also this has been shown to have hapened in real life, were muscle mattered.

I’d say that you dont need to be to muscled out but still need to be able to ruff up the controls if need be.

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I agree, you dont have to be a body builder, do you think that there should be an industry standard?

I’d say definitely because of air saftey.

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Ok. I was wondering, because because there doesnt seem to be one. And also im skinny, and fairly weak.

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I believe it’s a class 2 medical which means you’re pretty healthy, slightly above average strength is ideal and makes pulling the yoke around simpler. I started lifting just for that reason and now I can pull the yoke no problem.

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It does depend on your aircraft. On a Airbus the strength that matters is just leg strength but on a Boeing, all around strength matters. Just start running and lifting any your ok

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