PHX Spotting Day 3: Sunburn Edition

So I had gone mountain biking yesterday and got a pretty bad sunburn (the first in 1.5 years) but this didn’t stop me from going back to Sky Harbor Int’l for another round of spotting today (03/22/2020).

PM me if you want a picture of how burnt my arms got.

A picture of the Southwest Ramp at PHX with my dad’s elbow and sunglasses in the corner.

A grainy shot of a line of KC-135 tankers.

A blurry American A321 rockets off of 07L.

United Airlines E175LR crosses over one of the taxiway bridges at PHX.

A Frontier A320neo crosses the same bridge.

An American A321neo pushing back.

This bridge sure is popular today. This time it is a United 737.

American A320 just after rotating off of 07L.

I’ll stop commenting now.

A grainy, blurry and mis-colored Air Canada Rouge 767 pulls up next to is pixilated little cousin.

To end the here is a picture of a birb that landed on a floaty thingy in the pool at our rental house to get a drink of water.

Stay tuned for a possibly special edition tomorrow. I’ll give you a hint: sand. I’d not I’ll just go back to PHX.

In case you missed it you can find the first two parts at the links below.
Day 1: A Grainy Galaxy S8 Session at KPHX (Specials Included)
Day 2: Day 2 of PHX Spotting-Golden Hour/Night Edition


Your dad is looking pretty, wait for it … fly


Awesome pictures! You got a sunburn in the Winter?!?!? I guess I wouldn’t know because I’m used to Ohio cold!

Yea. It was 75°F with no clouds in Scottsdale yesterday and I refused to wear sunblock.

Have you ever spotted at Mesa-Gateway?

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No. I am considering going but I don’t know if there are any good phone spotting locations. Atleast at PHX I have found a good corner on top of the T4 garage right next to the ramp which is why I kept going there.

I see. How about Falcon Field?

Nope. I don’t really know where that is. I drive home from Phoenix on Wednesday so there is a good chance I wont be able to go there.

Falcon Field is in Northeast Mesa just off the Hwy 202. I’ve only driven by it but there’s an Air Force museum there and Boeing has a presence there as well.

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It’s also all allegiant 😂

Did you like the last seven allegiants? Here’s another, here’s a single swoop to keep you tided over till allegiant round 72…


Wow these are amazing

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Thanks. Day 2 shots were more impressive but for a mobile phone without fancy settings I can’t complain.

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