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Hey guys and welcome back to my 4th PHX spotting day. I got more equipment for spotting and I am getting better by the day. Enjoy and please give feedback and also mention if you’re from PHX so you can be invited to the PHX group chat! Sorry that their are not Any American, I could have gotten some but they were only CRJ’s.
The Following Photos May Not Be Used Without Permission, Via PM/DM For Possible Permission
ATI/Prime Air 767

UAF, unmarked and I didn’t know it was coming Same UAF Landing SWA and JSX father back SWA taxiing to gate SWA Landing runway 25R SWA coming into gate SWA Touchdown Runway 25L Spirit of the islands Alaska Takeoff Runway 25R ;) @AviationFreak

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Thanks for checking it out!


Awesome photos! That Spirit Of The Islands is so beautiful!

haha gotcha again @Robertine


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