PHX Sky Harbor Airport

@Kamryn I mentioned you because I know you spot there :)

Does anyone know of good plane spots at PHX or Some hidden ones not mentioned on the plane spotting guide?

This is a very good basic rundown of spotting locations for PHX.

p.s. kamryn doesn’t live in phoenix


Ik, but kamryn has spotted there in the past.

ask @Brody_Swiatek or @AviationFreak

I’ve spotted there once at spot #2 in the guide @Altaria55 provided haha, I’m a a vegas / california spotter though.

But yeah, you can get some great views, costs I believe $5 to enter the parking garage and you have a nice view of bridge crossings and 26 departures in the afternoon. @Brody_Swiatek & @AviationFreak are the spotters who can provide you with more info.


The parking garage goes by per hour

it’s 4$ per hour or 1$ every 15 minutes

I don’t recommend the parking garage in anything other than summer because of the suns position it’s extremely back lit looking over the south side (25R, 25L)

The spotters guide mentioned above has all the spots that I regularly use and I recommend the South 40th street pathway a lot

The spotter guide is helpful. It was also written by my good friend so. Parking garages are good during the afternoon on the north side and in the morning. 40th and 37 streets are good spots as well. 37th is better for east dep and 40th is better for west arrivals

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