PHTO no rwy procedures

Anyone notice there aren’t any procedures to APP or arrive at Rwy 8 ? Is this an error ?

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Unlikely, as it’s very difficult to do a runway 8 approach (at least in real life). There’s quite a large mountain obstructing what the approach path would be.

Also, according to the website below, there aren’t any runway 8 approaches.

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Well that is incredible.

I don’t believe they have any procedures for runway 8. I could be wrong though.

Seems that runway 8 is visual only. Check out what this Hawaiian flight did earlier today. Due to the mountain, there won’t be any procedures


So it seems the architect of that airport forgot a few details…

That visual must be similar to the Honduras airport, steep. You land practically dragging your left wing.

Here’s a video of a landing on runway 8

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Not to bad at all.

Fyi not all airports will have official procedures if any, depending on both what they actually have, and the data NavBlue can access. Many airports work visually or by ATC only (such as KORD Departures).

This isn’t an error, or an uncommon thing.


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