PHTO (Hawaii) TS1 ATC [OPEN]

Nah, there’s no need to do that. Just making unnecessary topics when I could just change the title and give a status update. :)


Oh. My. Days. That was mental. There was a guy spamming me so hard as well. If I ever get IFATC status, I’ll cry with joy.

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KSEA Tower and Ground are now open.

There are currently no aircraft in my airspace, so anyone that wants TnGs is welcome.

Sorry, got a call (Transavia 0073). Feedback here or pm? Although I don’t have a lot and the other two planes didn’t seem to be very smart.

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Not bothered, what ever you feel like…

Okay. I noticed one thing: I was on left downwind 16L, then you cleared me for 16C. If you want me to switch runways, you should first enter me in the pattern for 16C. So the right procedure is to say: Enter left downwind 16C, and then clear me to land. Everything else was good!

I’m sorry, there were aircraft entering 16L without permission…so I tried taking you to 16C - and then they went to 16C themselves! Thanks for feedback, I’ll take that onboard. :)

Wait, I did that didn’t I?

I saw, so no worries. Not your fault. And yes you forgot to enter me for the 16C pattern. Can happen, no big deal.

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Is this still open? If yes then I can come.

Sorry, I’m no longer there.

I may open another frequency in a while though if you’re interested…

KPSP Ground and Tower are now open. Patterns accepted.

Just passed my IFATC written, now prepping for practical. Patterns wanted, though all departures are welcome. :)


Still open? coming now if you are

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Some feedback:

Ground : Great

Tower : Also great but one thing.

•You took quite some time to give me take-off clearance when the traffic was in the taxiway already.

But nice controlling!Hope to see you soon controlling at the skies of Expert Server!

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I didn’t issue a takeoff clearance because that Grade 1 guy was being a nightmare taxiing through grass and across everywhere, so I wasn’t sure what he was going to do next…

Yeah I saw, one of the biggest things that annoy me.

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London Gatwick Ground and Tower are open. I will try to stay online for as limg as possible, my wifi is very touch and go. (No pun intended)