PHTO (Hawaii) TS1 ATC [OPEN]

For anybody that wishes to hop along, I am occupying Tower and Ground frequencies.

If you wish to give feedback on your service, that will also be greatly appreciated. :)


Forgot to give you feedback earlier :/

Nice controlling, whilst there wasn’t any other traffic everything you did was correct, just one small thing (not a test failer but good to know):

  • When I’m already in the pattern, when you clear for the option you don’t need to tell me ‘left/right traffic after the option’, unless you want me to change sides.

Ok thanks, I’ll take that onboard for next time. :)

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I want to go to space
Good night

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I have reopened TFFR. Ground and Tower again.

How long will you be open for?

Grrr my iPad ran out!

I’m trying to charge it now

Is there still atc here? I’ll be happy to come if there is.

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That was 3 hours ago 😂

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The thing is you never know…


I’ve just opened St Maarten if anyone would like to join and fly patterns or whatever. Feedback appreciated.

Give me 10 minutes, I’ll be there 😎


It’s now closed, thanks all for coming…

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No worries mate :)
You did alright!
PM me if you want feedback. Keep practicing and watch the tutorials :)


Reopened again. Same thing as per.

Opened KSNA Ground and Tower for anybody that wants to come along.

Change of plan - doing KPSP Ground and Tower instead.

I recommend making a new topic for each time you do this. Or correct me people if I’m wrong…

I’ll try to stop by😉

Can I attend your funeral? 😂

Just kidding