PHTO (Closed)

I am open now in Hawaii at Hilo international on TS1 come join and can some one join as approach(plz know what u r doing) 🙂

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Not really sure what doesn’t make sense.
He is open at PHTO in the Hawaii region on TS1, if somebody could join as approach he would love that!

Sorry man! I can’t right now. I will try next time.


How does that not make sense


I’ll see you there for some pattern work!


Ok that will be great. I will be here waiting.

Hold on i will brd. My internet is being dumb.

I am sorry to close so early but it is not fun with only 2 people.

I think you just have to wait for people to join. You can’t be on for only 20 minutes and expect more than 5 people.

I suggest changing your topic title. I think that “Open” and “Closed” don’t belong together, for it leads to mass confusion.

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