phpVMS/VAM - How to?

Hey everyone, how would one make a website using phpVMS? I’ve never used it before. I want my websites to look professional. (I didn’t know what catergory to put this in)

This will show you the basics. Look under tutorials on that forum. By the way, this includes a lot of coding and file debugging that will come into play. If you don’t like work and time / coding, I would look for a simpler method, Just putting that out there.


Hello IFC members,
I am looking for someone proficient with phpVMS to set up a crewcenter for a VA I’m creating. If you’re knowledgeable in this field, please PM me!


Ask your phpVMS questions here. We can use this as a central location to acquire help from others or learn something new from others.


For those looking to use phpvms, I’d advise holding off for a few months. The current software is outdated and posed serious security risks. However the developers have worked hard on a Version 4 which is easier to set up, and thats about to flow into the beta stage in the coming weeks, to which is open to everyone to use. I’d highly recommend beginners to try installing beta and have a fiddle around, its a great place to learn while they iron out the bugs.


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I would recommend using VAM for now for the reasons stated above. If you have any questions about it my pm is open!


Is there any free side to this? Or do you have to pay to get it?

It’s free. You do not have to pay for it. If you need any help to set it up, contact me


I may have staff that can set it up but I was curious if it cost. I’ll keep in touch with you tho in case they cannot.

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