phpVMS Questions & Help Thread

phpVMS Questions and Help Thread

phpVMS is the most popular virtual airline administration software on Infinite Flight. However, due in part to its age and part to it’s complexity it is not the easiest software to manage. This thread is designed as a central place to ask myself and other tech-savvy forum members for help setting up, maintaining and modifying phpVMS.

Before You Reply…

Before you ask a question, have a look through these drop downs which answer many of the most common questions.

How do I host phpVMS?

Creating a phpVMS Crew Center - Part One - Setting up Hosting

Does it cost?

No. It is completely free and open source.

How do I set it up?

Creating a phpVMS Crew Center - Part Two - Uploading and Installing

Can I make it look nicer?

Creating a phpVMS Crew Center - Part Three - Skinning

How do I install plugins?

Creating a phpVMS Crew Center - Part Four - Installing AIRMail

Can someone set it up for me?

@anon41771314 is currently the only community member (to my knowledge) setting up people’s Crew Centers for them.

What to include in your reply

To help us help you, please include the following in your reply

  • Domain
  • Issue
  • Things Tried

But do not include

  • FTP or account details
  • Login Information
  • MySQL Database details
  • Emails, passwords or other sensitive information

If any of this is required (and only if it is really required) give it only via DM.

Ask Away!


Glad to see this made to prevent a high amount of phpVMS help threads by merging it all in one thread.

I’ll be here to help anyone in need :)


This will help many people, thanks for your effort and dedication @KaiM


I love this idea, thanks @KaiM

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Depends on your skin but I’m helping you via DM

Do you mean make your own skin?

That’s part of the skin I’m helping you install via DM

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Oh ok then I’ll talk to u in the pm


Nice! I’m working on a VA that is Awaiting Review so this could be the backbone of my Crew centre!

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I know where you can find a system identical to the one in the picture 🤓


It’s called the Qantas Virtual Group Crew Centre.

Probably because it is exactly that.


Customisation through the coding.


I’ve struggled with one thing, this being getting the schedules to appear on the screen I’ve got everything else except for that of the schedule screen working, I’m a new member so I can’t pm however I’ve done this to make it for myself and friends

You’re not the only one with that issue. Strange. Have you set days of week to all for all schedules?

Yes and in following I’ve got it normally but with the crew center skin my schedule page doesn’t appear like I’m fine with it cause me and the guys can easily know what flights are in the system, but we just can’t seem to get that function of phpvms with the crew center skin to work

How did you import your schedules? CSV?

No, we entered in the schedules via the admin tools

Hmmm ok. Strange, anyone else who had this issue manage to resolve it?

The only issue is that of the skin, I believe it has something to do with the skins files, but that is by my guess I’m not 100% sure

@KaiM I am still having trouble with @SahyaQFFlyer because he can’t get to register the crew center won’t even load for him. He has tried everything you have said

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I have an idea, I also had this problem, search up sim pilot phpvms now download the sim pilot version and overwrite and or resume uploading these files if it helped let me know

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Also @KaiM is there a skin to make my booking schedule go from this

To this