phpVMs help

I was following Velocity’s tutorial but I can’t get to Can anyone help?

i just tried now as well and it said there server dropped out of something: something like that.
what is the link for anyway.
it’s probably that the website or what ever it is is not connected to the server

it was to like connect to the server

like im supposed to put my username into filezilla

it dropped the connection, not sure why

what was it for anyway?

to connect to filezilla

what’s that

to use phpVMs

some sort of mapping website?

its for a crew center for my VO

build your vurtual Airline

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if so try this

Hey, you can ask questions here:

are you trying to upload phpVMS to your host?

Yeah I’m trying to host to filezilla

Could I PM you once I’m done with my workout?

On FileZilla, put the following details in each section;
Username: epiz_######## *
Password: **
Port: 21

*To find your Username goto your InfiniteFree Account and looking for this image
Copy the FTP Username Section and put it in your FileZilla username section

**To find your password goto your InfinityFree Account and look for this image
Copy the password and put it in the FileZilla Password section

I’ve randomized the numbers so their not real FTP Usernames or Passwords

Thank you sooo much

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No Problem, is that all?