phpVMS help

does anyone here know how to add routes to phpVMS, because i have created the crew center but i cant figure out how to get my routes in there? can anyone help?


Have you got the route CSV files?


i dont know what those are, i followed @KaiM instructions and there were no route CSV files

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To upload the routes, you need a CSV file. You can either purchase these by going to a third party site or making one yourself

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ok thanks.

If you need anymore help, shoot me a PM and I’ll be happy to assist!

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@Jack_White do you know how to add pilots to phpVMS?

@CPT_Colorado, I think the only way to add pilots is for them to sign up using the register form. You could always sign up your pilots yourself with a preset password and send those details out to them later on.

yea i figured it out haa thanks for replying though

For some odd reason one of my pilots can’t register for him the page isnt loading but when I go on it it’s completely fine

Hey, here’s something that can help you, feel free to ask in this thread.

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Are you talking about pilot ranks or actual pilots?

If you’re talking about actual pilots they’ll need to register then you’ll need to access admin cp to approve them

You can import schedules (CVS)

no so the actual pilot is @SahyaQFFlyer and he cant access the actual crew center, I don’t know why

Has he registered? Has the account been approved?

He was trying to register but it wouldn’t load for him.

The register page wouldn’t load @Jack_White

Would you mind linking me the link?

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Link looks fine to me, and loads all fine too. Maybe the pilot is using a VPN and thats blocking the site? Without any images from the pilot himself it’ll be hard to give a solution

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