Photoshopping liveries

I wanna photoshop liveries on screenshots from if but how would i and what application would I use I know that some people have done it in the past

You should ask this in this thread, which is dedicated to this stuff Design Your Own Airline or Repaint an Existing Airline - Part 2, but I would recommend Photoshop, Illustrator or something similar.

I’ll give it a look but I’m looking for 3D models where they take a screenshot from if and then photoshop a livery on to it

That is how most people do it. It has been done in the JAL 787-8 livery request. Take a screenshot, and edit your livery onto it accordingly. 3D models of the game can not be made from the screenshots.

Yeah I’m pretty sure that’s what I want but just to be on the same page I’ll send a photo also this is done through illustrator correct

You can use illustrator, photoshop or any one of those applications that are easy for you.

I can use those to make something like this correct

Yes, but remember, not only those. You can use many different apps to do so, but it is very hard

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Ok and thanks for helping me out

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No problem! Good luck!

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