Photoshopped TAP A330 Taxiing at São Paulo


This night, I made a Long Haul from São Paulo to Lisbon on the good old Expert Server.
Sadly, there isn’t an in-game TAP A330 livery, so here’s a photoshopped version of it.

I hope you will like it, it took me quite some time, and I’m happy with the result. :)
Might do some more photoshopped aircraft in the future, so keep an eye out!

This was my little speech if I may call it like that, enjoy the photo!

Have a good day!




Looks pretty good ! Hope to see more liveries on the A330/340

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It doesn’t look bad. Great job keep it up!

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Nice and clean! TAP is pretty cool, it would be great to see this in the A330 or A340

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Not bad. Pretty nicely done


Nice picture! Keep it up!!

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