(Photoshopped) New Lufthansa Livery

Lufthansa’s new livery rolled out of FCO today and it is god awful imo


I kinda like it with just the blue and white. Those engines can’t be finished though or are they 🤔


Not sure if I’m thinking that it could have been worse or rather that they could just have left it like it was 🙄 is it the pic or is the blue a different one from the one they have atm? Looks more like purple tbh
Wonder what genius had the idea to park the plane outside without any covers 😂


Bahahaha, probably the same fella that leaked the color change rumor back in October 😂


Hm, could do with some yellow, and maybe make those engines look like something interesting. They’re not just for powering the plane.


The current livery is simple yet refined and looks great. I’m NOT a fan of this, it looks so blah and the tail looks purple. 😖

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Apparently this is a fake thank god! New livery will be released Feb 7th.


Tbh, the engines are the best in this design, I wonder who had the idea to paint the registration in two colors. I thought I could live with the yellow gone but looking at these dark grey on this purple-like blue it’s really sad to have it removed. If at least they had left the blue unchanged and the grey added in a more white to silver tone… in addition, with the grey removed from the belly close up shots of the front section will make this livery make look like the plane was leased for a short period and just the LH text was put on there as a sticker 🙄


At least it would match with what was visble from the covered A350 tail of future D-AIXI… let’s see if the plane leaves FCO soon or if it in fact is still in the paint shop, if yes this would be quite a good photoshop (at least regarding the abilities of the editor not the shown design though)

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Peeps on Airliners are saying it is in fact still in the paint shop. I guess we’ll see but I hope it’s not just this 😖

That really is awful. The old one looked more modern, it would have looked better if at least the logo remained yellow imo.


The tail looks like a cadbury wrapper


I loved the elegance of the old livery, however I also think this one is not bad at all. Looks more sleek than the current one. I like the navy blue and silver color scheme.

The question i how they will repaintval of their aircraft. That will be a logistical challene to the mx.

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They’ll probably repaint the aircraft when they go for checks, and of course future aircraft will already be painted.

I really like it!
They keep it simple and classy. I am happy that they are keeping their line and didn’t changed too much.
The grey color of the logo on the tail matches with the engines colors and I think that this picture is not showing the blue right. I would bet that they haven’t changed the “Lufthansa Blue”. It maybe looks different because of the lights and reflection.
Cant wait to see it the first time in real!

It looks neat, would be better with some non-boring colours on the engines

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They might be testing out different designs this definitely doesn’t look complete

In my opinion, I feel the crane (the logo/icon) could be bigger or even a different colour, it doesn’t really stand out.

It looks really good ☺️

Agreed, also I don’t like it at all… IMO I prefer the previous livery…

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