Photoshop and add contrails

Does anyone know of any app on mobile that can let u add some contrails for plane pics ?

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I use snapseed and Photoshop. Also if you want a little effect you can use LD. There just once I use

Can you add Some contrails and stuff and is it possible if u could teach is it just called LD? I got Snapseed

Yep so search it in the App store or Google play in the search bar ‘LD’ LD stands for Lens distortions. So you can get different effects like Sun glare, rain, snow etc.

I would recommend Enlight. I know that’s what a lot of IFC spitters use.

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Also if you havent try Adobe lightroom

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But the thing is idk how to use em :((

I used SnapSeed and Photoshop Mix to create this similar, wing tip trail. It’s not the best looking up close but from a far it looks quite alright


COuld anyOne teach me how to add these? In Photoshop or PH mix PLease

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