Photoshoot time with our old friend 777-300ER!

Today, for my first long-haul flight, I was flying United Airlines 777-300ER from KLAX to PHNL! ;)
On my way there, I caught some views that are just breathtaking.

Flight info: Casual Server ~ United Airlines 777-300ER ~ 7 hours and 55 minutes ~ Infinite Flight GLOBAL

Photo: ❤️

I am also super exited, because this is my first long-haul flight! Not only that, but it will be the 2nd video uploaded to my new YouTube Channel! If you ever want the link click here:

I am new to editing, so expect a bit fuzz on the first video. Sorry. :c


Lovely but you can’t see the photo well

I’m having problems with my brightness. It’s turned all the way up. Any suggestions?

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