How can I upload photos?

You go to google images then you press an image and press view image. Right click on you’re mouse and it will say save image as click it and then you press save. You go back to Infinite flight Community and you press upload and then you will find you’re image. ;)

Best, DeltaFlyer

If you’re on the iPhone or iPad or any other thing that is NOT a computer/laptop, then there is a upload button in the bottom right corner, click that the there should be a pop up of where your photo might be stored so for eg. Camera roll, click on that then press the photo you want and then a bunch of numbers and words should come up, DO NOT MESS WITH THEM and then hit send!

Sounds complicated? Ask questions, happy to help :D


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What if he is on a computer.

Then he uses your way :D and if that doesn’t work…he is the illuminati…

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Thank you Delta

At your service Tyler, and your welcome.😉