Photos that make Infinite Flight...Infinite Flight

Shown below are some of the, probably best, photos that I’ve ever taken. These photos really make Infinite Flight look amazing! It’s the peak of all mobile sims! It’s beautiful! These photos were 100% Shot and edited by me (including the first picture)

Beautiful sunset as an Emirates 777-200 just passes through FL100

Stunningly beautiful cockpit view of an A321 taking off from KLAX

Cool wing view of a 737-BBJ as it sets off for…somewhere far away!

Awesome inside view of the cabin. Puts on headphones and dozed off to sleep

V1…Rotatè…Positive rate… gear up!


  • Yes you should.
  • No you shouldn’t.
  • Needs work, but yes.

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Woooow. The A321 cockpit shot. Just wow. Looks like we had flight deck lights.


Thanks! Glad to know it looks good!

Wow! These shots are great, would really like to see more!

Those are great photos, keep them coming!! If you haven’t tried this yet, try flying from KSEA-PAJN, it has beautiful scenery and I think you would enjoy it.

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Wow! These look awesome man! Keep them up!

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Wow nice work 👍🏽

Yes, of course You should, these shots are very good!

A personal critisicm would be towards the flashy, colourful text: I don’t like it. Just keep it simple, make it easy on the eyes, perhaps use normal text editing software available in the Discourse forum, like making the text Bold, Italic, Big. Otherwise, the topic and shots are nice!

Good work!