Photos should be allowed in Feature requests

I guess this is sort of a feature request, but for the forum itself rather than IF.

I believe photos should be allowed in feature requests. What if someone is trying to request a rare livery or airline, how are people meant to vote on something they’ve most likely never seen? Surely a photo attached is the most logical thing to do


I agree with this.

You can link a photo


True, but it would be much more convenient if it was right there

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Yes I agree with that

I agree! I don’t see the point to not be able to add photos for a feature request!
Sean deleted all my beautiful AF 777 photos on the AF 777-300ER Livery request thread!

What is the logic behind this?


Yeah, it was my thread. I dont understand it

but it takes forever to put it into imgur if u want to share a photo

It might be less convenient, but Philippe is offering a FREE community forum for anyone to use. Free for you guys, that is. Bandwidth & storage is expensive and racks up quickly. We are limiting where pictures are allowed so you guys may continue to use the community for free.


What forum have you ever paid to be on? What other forum didn’t allow uploading pics?

I don’t think you understand that this forum is funded solely by FDS, which is run by only a few people with limited budget.

If you don’t agree, we could start mailing you the bill ;)


I didn’t know this which is a fair point actually

Not really a valid point, actually. Web hosting with more than enough storage, RAM and bandwidth can be had for under $20/mo. So, 4 users’ Live subscriptions would cover a plan that includes more than enough disk space for local storage of uploaded images.

I think it is fine to make suggestions like this and let the forum admins decide themselves instead of discussing these details here.

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The forum admin (Philippe) decided to enforce the photos in feature requests rule in the first place

I find this we quite amusing ;)

But as I already offered to Philippe, if you tell me how nuch we could talk about that. I’m sure there are a lot of people who would donate for that.


“The more stuff you add, the more we’ll buy, and the more money you get”