(Photos Set #2) Tanker Ops | Nice shots with peeps around Brisbane!

As @Rock77 shared some photos about our little Tanker Operation, it was encouraged to take pictures, so I guess I’ll share some of mine pics of some of the memorable events. Including some autopiloting problems and general aircraft controlling problems, so you’ll see a lot of inconsistencies on my part!

These are his amazing photos! ——> RAAF & USAF Tanker Ops | KC-10 and F-16s Off Brisbane Coast
So, I’ll call these photos as “Set #2

General flight info

FLIGHT TIME- ~2 hours
ROUTE- An explanation is given in “FYI” down below

FYI- Aircrafts used includes a KC-10 Tanker operated by @Rock77 & two F-16’s operated by @Usman_A & me. @GBKarp sadly had some internet connection problems so he didn’t keep up for too long, which he then waited for us at the aprons…
Our little flight plan-We departed out of runway 15 at YAMB went paralleling the Australian coast and turned back heading around ~120-125, did a loop and did an approach for the same runway of departure.



Cruisin’ at FL300

BANK Angle!

Sun Shot ;)

Mate! Uh-O…BOoM! @Usman_A’s view of me causing an incident :P

Our approach into YAMB

The 10’s wing view

Daddy Tanker has landed.

Landed! Me and @Usman_A on the taxi way after my slam on the ground of a landing.

“Me and da bois”😎 (first to last) @Usman_A | @AnonymouslyAnonymous | @GBKarp

Thanks for viewing | Here’s the Coast👍

Make sure to come with us next time (no really, come with us next time) :)


These are some great pictures too!

I like that wing shot and that second to last picture, really cool flight!

Great photos! Formation flights show real skill and determination! Well done!

Cign :)

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Great pictures!

@Luke_King-kong well thanks man!

@Shane ya it can be considered as on of my favorites, Love dat shine the 10 has🥴 & also the terrain/views can get pretty nice and diverse…


Now THAT’S a correct statement, especially when with varying amounts of 115 knot turbulent wind! Got to say I was a bit lousy with my controls and having trouble with my nav system. So it was ‘tricky’. Got to say I also decided to get a bit crazy!🤪

@GBKarp better not have crappy internet next time ;)


Sorry for the internet, I am not home…

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