Photos of the New Jersey Flyout event! @ KACY

Earlier Today 5DEC20 My first flyout took place. only 3 people for this event (thanks @Johnt30 and @GameBoy_KIRB for showing up) but that was the perfect amount to include parts of my flight into this. I flew from Atlantic City to Boston in an ERJ 170 and overall was a good flight except for the hard landing due to winds and fog. here are all the shots I took hope you enjoy them!

Everyone about to pushback

Everyone getting ready to takeoff

GameBoy_KIRB taking off to Buffalo KBUF

Johnt30 taking off to Fort Lauderdale KFLL

Me taking off to Boston KBOS

Just passed JFK airport

On approach to Boston

On final of landing on RWY 33L

Me Landing on RWY 33L

Me parked at the gate finished with the flight

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Also if you would to be aprart of one of these events check out my other events! The White House Flyout! / The Hawaiian New Year Flyout!


That’s very cool thank you for that it was awesome, the md11 taking off was super cool that was a great thred

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if anyone personally asks me which is my favorite I say i did picture 3 the best out of them all

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I agree too

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