Photos of the new A330

Hey guys. I got a bit bored earlier and I have not posted a screenshots topic in a while, so I decided to take a few screenshots of the A330. I hope you enjoy!


Server: Solo
Airport: Varies
Aircraft: A330
Livery : Varies

Virgin Atlantic A330 departing London Heathrow

Swiss A330 flying over the Alps

Air Canada A330 on short final at Vancouver

Air Transat A330 shortly after departure from Toronto

Singapore Airlines A330 about to land at Singapore Changi

Air Canada A330 flying over the mountains in Canada

I am starting to practise editing lighting of IF screenshots. If you have any comments of my editing or any tips in how I can improve feel free to let me know!


Loved it! Especially the last shot of the Air Canada above clouds and mountains.


2nd one šŸ˜ wow

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I sometimes almost always like to turn the pics a little bit, I go from 2Ā° to 10Ā° to the right or left, depending on which I like the most.



A bit if zoom and a little twist:

This is so cool!

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@Black_Bird and @InfiniteFlight_Shots

Thanks! Iā€™m glad you like it