Photos of my Iberian overnight from Costa Rica

Hi everyone. My first long haul flight after a break from IF and BAVA
Iberian Codeshare from Santamaria (MROC) to Madrid (LEMD)
IB A350-900
11:15 mins
BAVA238 @BritishAirwaysVA thanks for a great VA
Parked in MROC and boarding!

Takeoff from 07!

Turning towards Europe

Just left South America

Sunset over Haiti

Sunrise on the Portuguese border

Decent into Madrid at 19000Ft

Approaching LEMD. You can just about see 2 planes in the air in the distance



Parked in a fairly busy Sunday morning in Madrid

Thanks for looking and let me know which was your favourite:)


Great photos! That looks like a really cool flight.
Unfortunately you posted 11 photos. This violates the rules of the #screenshots-and-videos category. You can find the rules here. About the Screenshots and Videos Category - UPDATED

I really liked photo #5 though.


Fantastic pictures!! I really like number 2, 8 and 9. The scenery in both places is amazing and the livery and aircraft are great too. Thanks for sharing!

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Ah I’m sorry I do know the rules I thought I counted 10. Sorry and thanks for saying you liked 5!

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Ah thanks Julian I love the aircraft, livery and airline too!

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Great pictures!!! :)

Love the A350, such a beautiful plane!!! :)


Looks great!

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very good pictures

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Thankss I agree :)

Thanks I rly appreciate it

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Thanks means a lot

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:D (10 characters)

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