Photos of a shiny tube with wings


Welcome back to another batch of screenshots. This flight was from Toronto to Dee Cee on an AC CRJ-900. Honestly, this livery could be one of the best in the world. It’s stunning. The thing I wanted to focus on with the editing was contrast, and making the red pop without getting a halo. Well, I’m super tired, so I don’t really know what to say. So, enjoy los fotos.

Also, my next topic is a cargo flights, so let me know if you want me to bring you anything. 👀 totally not copying Suhas Air


Route: CYYZ - KDCA
Aircraft: Air Canada CRJ-900
Server: Expert

Starting us off is the hawt T-tail

Fast forward a bit is this thing turning away from YYZ

I think it’s physically impossible for me not to post a moonshot

Waving hello to @MJP_27 as we nyoooooom past Buffalo


Sticking my head out of the window to yell Hi to @Z-Tube

Something about this shot just hits different. The colors are just n i c e. Also, I think I can see my house lol

Taking a sort of @dca.iad.aviation shot from Long Bridge Park as we make the last turn on the river visual

Crop for some spice 🌶

Golden hour tail shot featuring a Delta 757 that’s going to BOSTON. My realism police side wanted to yell, but it was kinda late and I didn’t want any noise complaints.

Well, that’s all, hope you liked them! Let me know if you have a favorite!


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me who just discovered long bridge park 2 weeks ago


Oh lol. Well, i like the angle

Love that shot with the United 787


It’s a 787, but thanks a lot!

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Oh wait yeah sorry my bad

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Nice shiny tube photos

The last one was the best in my opinion

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Thank you, i quite like my tubes with wings.

Thanks! That’s gotta be one of my favorites as well!

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CRJ = I Like

Nice photos!

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Thanks Felix!

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That was you?!

These are fantastic, by the way! That last shot. 🔥

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Yep, it was me. I dont know if you could hear me.

Thanks! 😊

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Thank you for nyooooooming by Buffalo!

Awesome pictures!

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No problem, it was very fun to nyoooom


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Sorry for Making close ur topic Nice pics

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1st, 3rd, and 9th photos are awesome! Great stuff.

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Thank you mr soohas

@CaptainAli_yt, dont say his name, now he knows this exists O_o


K let me remove it

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But now the topic is safe

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