Photos Lax-sfo





This belongs in #screenshots-and-videos

but i did?

You have to be TL2 to post there. Maybe a regular will move it for you

This is currently in #general

Thanks @Drummer I forgot that you need to be TL2


Regulars can’t move a topic if the user isn’t a high enough trust level to post there.

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Can you move it for me please

so i gotta remove it☹☹☹

Nice pictures though! Keep being active in the forum and you will get there in no time 😃

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Thx i did this flight just for this pics☹😣

You can go back in replay mode and take the screenshots using the screenshot tool.

Your first pic shows your name tag, which isn’t allowed in the category.

Oh ok thx for telling me

That’s a long way for a Ryanair

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I’m not sure you need to be TL2 for #screenshots-and-videos, I’m pretty sure anyone can post there

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The flight or my accuracy🤣🤣😂😂

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Slew mode in if

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ik i choose that and then it appears my post is on general can you flag this for me

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You can be TL1 to post in #screenshots-and-videos.

Oh whoops. Sorry for the misinformation. I believe you can change it yourself once you fix the first photo

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