Photos I made

Guess I lied🤭

Hello, welcome to my brand new screenshot topic. I haven’t posted for a while and I made some nice pics in the past few week/days that I really really wanted to share them with you.

Some background, I mostly make screenshots and then giving it away to people. Like a screenshot Santa. I won’t have copyright claim things on them so I don’t mind. People are happy and I’m happy.
But people don’t use much of those screenshots, so here I am… left with over 100 screenshots. And that’s why I want to share them with you

First of all, I want to thank @aeromexicovirtual for making an event a month ago. The event was really nice. The route was SVMI-SBBR with Martinair MD-11F or generic/Korean air 77F. I was the only non-aeromexico attendee so that made this event extra special. I just made these screenshots and I think they turned out pretty well…, but take a look at them yourselves
Here they are:

turning out of SVMI, heading to SBBR

yeah, I like wing views… here’s wing view of the Amazon

screenshot of the Amazon-river and the Amazon

another picture of the South American nature

parked at gate

For this one I want to thank @aviancavirtualgroup. I was Event-Manager there, but since the new policies I needed to leave.
I made these screenshots from the route LEMD-SKBO, amazing route with a lot of mountainous scenery. With these screenshots I want to say goodbye as to AVVA as a staff member. (I’ll try to be a pilot there, but I have a tight schedule.)

rotating out of LEMD with some planes in the background

turning away from LEMD with the majestic Spanish mountains in the background

flying over Colombia with fog

on final for Runway 13L

I want to thank @Armani_B too for learning me new angles/ways to make screenshots.

Well, that’s the end of the topic…
I hope you’ll all have an amazing new year.

Watch out with fireworks!!

I want to thank you for viewing this thread and I hope to see you next year🥂


Now those are cool photos!

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Nice photos you got there, keep it up with the great screenshots and hd scenery, i would like to see more

Thanks mate😄, thank you for your compliment

@Chad_Mordekai, don’t worry. There will be more😉