Photos from the Summer of 2019 I just found

I had to dump a ton of my photos this evening since I am going be doing some new photo shots with my work, and so I found these photo! They’re not edited I’m trying figuring out when I have time to edit them. They maynot be the beset but they’re fun!

So enjoy!

Maritime Helicopter’s the Bell 407 making a ton of Sling Loads to the R/V Maritime Maid. (Kinda funny - the last helicopter company I was with was their main competitor now I am friends with the owner!) The smokey-ness is from the Swan Lake Fire.

A SQ12 on final for STOL Competition in Wasilla, they held their very first airshow what a fun time! Sadly this SQ12 was lost due to a wind storm.

An experimental on final for the STOL

The Airbus H135 doing a sling load from an Oil Platform to the Heliport.

As we were putting the Airbus away, Evert’s decided do an airshow and fly Hot Stuff right over our hangar. Love Hot Stuff!

I had the honor of visiting Myanmar in 2019, I totally recommend if you have the chance to go please go and I found this little Fokker in a park we were at!


Great shots! I love the last one and the SQ12s!

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The SQ12 is a great machine! I was looking forward to seeing th SQ12s out this year but all the fly ins right now have been canceled

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