Photos from the Lihue Flyout

Today I was so please to fly out during an event Hosted By my great friend @Butter575! I was also privileged to provide ATC, and got some amazing pictures for y’all to enjoy!

@Flyin.Hawaiian Rotating on his way To Kahului, in the Southwest Heart B738

Next is Me @United403, heading off to San Francisco in the United Evo blue B738

Next up is @Rastko_Roza, heading to Hawaii’s Capital Honolulu in a Hawaiian B717

Next is @anon36731834, Heading to Portland Oregon in the Alaska B737-800

After Aidan is a Qantas B787-9 heading to San Bernardino

One of our 2 cargo flights is @Ewan_32 heading to Honolulu as well in a UPS A330F

Last and Certainly not least is @Ikaika_Boi808 heading to San Bernardino as well but in the UPS MD-11F

Which is your favorite?

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Im number 1 💪

Yes yes you are @Flyin.Hawaiian

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Really nice photos @United403!

Why is my departure the most likely 🤔🤔🤔

Im number 3, thanks for the picture!