Photos from Stockholm Arlanda - Los Angeles ITL | Finnair 31BD

Took these nice photos of the sunrise as I cross the US and Canadian Border!

Server: Expert Server
Route: Stockholm (ESSA) to Los Angeles ITL (KLAX)
Flight time: 9 Hours 27 Minutes and counting.

Cheers to @MxP for the awesome recommendation!

(After Touchdown):


Wonderful pics…live the cockpit one

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I see you took my flight recommendation ;) I hope you enjoyed the flight!

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Yup! Thanks for the support.

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how did you get that flight page, is that edited?

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Beautiful Photos!

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Nope! It’s a Mobile App called LiveFlight. I use it to track my flight(s).

Lovely!! 💙

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I saw a similar flight on Flightradar24. Why is Finnair operating a flight from Sweden to the US without flying to Finnland?

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Since SAS is in some financial troubles, Finnair saw the opportunity to start flying from ESSA, probably due to the demand being there. They also fly to Phuket and a few other places as well!



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Looking at ESSA long haul network and destinations you notice that there is quite a gap between other nordic hubs and ESSA.

Finnair took the opportunity to fill the gap with couple of top demand destinations.


Thank you guys!


Nice shots there ! ;)

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