Photos from my Flight Training Adventures

Howdy all! I’ve been in flight training for over 3 years now, and have had the opportunity to get a few photos from my adventures.

This first photo is of the plane I started off in, a Cessna 150!

This photo was taken a while ago, so it isn’t the best.

Here’s a more recent photo, but it’s from the nose of a C172

Here’s an older photo from the DA-20. It is edited, but I like it!

Another thing I’ve done a few times is fly down the Hudson. It’s a great learning experience, and comes with great views!

I don’t always need a beautiful skyline for a nice wing view photo. Here is the beautiful sunset from the wing view of the 172

Here is a nice pic from outside the aircraft

Finally, a beautiful sunset view!

I took some of these with my instructor at the controls.

Others though… shhh I was totally not flying and photo-ing at the same time. 😜

Hope you enjoyed!


Those pictures are amazing!

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Man that black and white one is just 🤤.

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I also love the black and white one of the instruments.

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Amazing pictures, best of luck in your future career buddy 👌

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Hopefully no birds were… u know, and u didn’t have to Sully

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Wow awesome photos 🤩👍🏽

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Holy jeebus. I absolutely love that shot of downtown. I remember once I flew by Downtown Austin during one of my flight lessons

Click for pics

My 6th flight lesson!

and it was totally amazing. I remember thinking “how am I allowed to do this?!” Awesome shot, dude. Awesome shot.

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