Photos from GOT

Hi there!

Here are some photos I’ve taken throughout the year. Enjoy!

Wizz Air HA-LWE Airbus A320

Scandinavian Airlines OY-KAW Airbus A320

Scandinavian Airlines EI-FPD CRJ-900

Lufthansa D-AILC Airbus A319

Air Alsie OY-SKK Falcon 8X

COCKPIT Swiss HB-JBB Bombardier CS100

Norwegian EJ-FJA Boeing 737-800


Nice pictures! I really love the Norwegian livery

Thank you! I promise, after a while you get bored with the DY livery, certainly when you’re living in Scandinavia! :)

Great pictures, Samuel! Stunning quality too.

These are awesome. When I first saw the Wizz Air shot, I thought for a split moment the quality was too good to be true, I thought it might be a IF screenshot.

Great work, sir! :)

Lovely photos, Samuel! Especially your SK shots, looks stunning <3

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Really nice photos buddy! I really enjoyed the SAS CRJ-900 picture!

Thank you!

Thanks! Much appreciated!

Very much apprecaited George :)

Thank you!

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Nice job! Really like the 8X photo!

Beautiful pics @Samuel123abc , of course my favorite is the LH A319 ;)

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your photos look amazing. Love the cockpit view of the bombardier cs100.

Wow, The Lufthansa A319 and the background is absolutely stunning! Nice pictures!

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Thanks a lot!

Much appreciated! Of course the LH is your favorite :)

Thank you!

Thanks, much appreciated!


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