Photos For the Website

These are just some pictures that I used to create my website; I don’t think there is much explanation needed.
Server: Solo
Airport: Multiple
Plane: Multiple

This A318 had the honor of being on the front page of the website.

787-8 @CYYC with the sunlight reflecting on the tail.

That same 787 banking with the sunset.

Q400 in the “Rotáté” stage of flight.

Q400 with sun reflecting on the wing.

C208 in the mountains of Alaska.

Boeing 787-10 putting gear up out of Kansai International.

As always my photos are unedited seeing as I have no editing skills ;P. Hope you enjoyed.


Don’t you think that’s a massive bank-angle? I mean great pictures, but this one seems a bit off


It was a strong bank indeed be rest assured there were no passengers in this flight. It was for photo purposes only.

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To be honest for my pictures I personally purposely do those bank angles just for the pic🤣