Photos for “Caribbean Adventures @TJSJ

Today, I joined @VVESM4N as we hosted our Event in Beautiful San Juan, Puerto Rico 🇵🇷! About 10 people joined our event, and I Decided to fly to Music City, Nashville Tennessee.

Expert Server
Southwest B737-800 (Heart Livery)
Flight time 4hrs 54 Minutes

Spawning at C concourse with @VVESM4N and @Butter575

Cranking out over the ocean with beautiful San Juan in the background

Reaching my first altitude of Fl340

Cruising over the beaches of Fort Lauderdale And Miami Florida

Passing over Atlanta International Airport at FL380

Beginning the approach into Nashville with the airport right ahead

Turning final for runway 20L

And Finally, everyone’s favorite part… buttering the bread🧈🍞

Thanks for viewing and as always, happy flying


Do I dare keep this open?

Photos look great

Southwest 😍😍😍

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