Photography Question

Well, you have to be skilled at it. I never said it was the best way to remove heat haze.

I don’t like to doctor my photos, I like to post what I take cause I like to show how I take photos, but if I was more skilled with PS, I might have taken that into consideration

I’m already getting is with 70 degree weather. We had some for Red Flag late January. It doesn’t make sense. Heat Haze is one our worst nightmares in spotting and after you get a photo, you really can’t fix it. It all depends on post-shooting.

Bruh. It’s 40 here and we have terrible haze. I blame the fact that there aren’t any leaves yet

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PS will not remove heat haze for you, you’d basically have to soften the image an incredible amount to the point where its smooth af. Just spot on a cloudy day or early mornings or late evenings is the main idea.

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I stated remove or reduce

you can’t reduce heat haze with photoshop lol it’s not some color or something you can manipulate it’s the distortion of light entering your sensor(not without screwing up the photo in some other way at least)

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