Photography Editing Contest #3

Just over 24 hours left to get your edits in!

Take your time though and try your best :)

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Users who submit more than one edit will be removed from the contest.

Can I take out my first submission and keep the second one then?

Not sure. That’s up to @cleipelt to decide.

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Sorry, but replacing your original edit for a new one is no different than posting 2 edits.

Next time try to make different edits then once you find out which one you like the best submit it. That’s why I give 48 hours to submit your edit :)


This is my attempt, nothing too complex, just colour tweaks and stuff.

Cheers. Have a good day.

If any of you guys can do tilt shift that would look cool here - I’m not very good with photos

Taken back my second one and kept my first submission. I completely understand if I’m out though.

Submissions closed. I’ll open a poll soon where you can vote for your favorite edit.


When will the poll be out?

I think that is the best!

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Thanks mate - @PlaneCrazy

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I mean, I didn’t do much… I had slot of other stuff to do.

Here’s the 5 photos for the poll for our 3rd photo editing competition. Poll closes in 24 hours.

Our first edit is by @The_Greatest_Basket. The vignette makes the clouds seem dark and gloomy while the Yak stands out with its bright colors.

The second edit is by @DeerCrusher. The creativity on this one really shows and the pink pops with the black and white color.

The next edit is by @anon31652286. The coloring and lighting for this edit really enlightens the image. Brings up the mood of it for sure while the clouds in the back are still dark.

The 4th edit is by @LouDon16. Nice job on the pop color, it goes well with the bright colors of the Yak.

The last edit is by @Jet_Airways_995. The edit almost makes the image look like a piece of art, like tile art. The swirling around the aircraft also adds a nice effect.

Please vote for your favorite edit below!

  • The_Greatest_Basket Edit #1
  • DeerCrusher Edit #2
  • Captain_Ed Edit #3
  • LouDon16 Edit #4
  • Jet_Airways_995 Edit #5

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