Photo voting!

I’m currently en route from KSFO to KSEA on the Training Server, with my flight plan taking me past Mount Shasta.

Which photo do people like more? A cockpit shot of Shasta? Or a freecam view, with the fuselage in the shot?

Freecam shot

Cockpit shot

  • Cockpit shot
  • freecam shot with fuselage

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Let me know what people think!

Edit: I figured out how to add an actual poll! (Why it took me nearly 24 hours to figure it out? We will never know)


I will vote this first one and nice pics!

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The cockpit shot provides a better perspective of the mountain in relation to the aircraft in my opinion


Hey guys! To everyone who liked/commented on my images: I just added a poll, so tell me which shot people like better!

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Okay. After just over 24hrs of voting, the results are in! With a total 23 votes, it appears that people like the freecam shot better!