Photo Shows JetBlue Has A New Tail Livery

Yeah AA’s first A319 had the German Flag

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They do have plans to. In the winter season, they are flying from Newark to Fort Lauderdale on the NEO

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@Pingu, I can tel it is a NEO, because they are on a321, and they have 33 1/2 rows, indicating a NEO

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OMG YES i can’t wait

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And it’s from my home airport :)

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The new tailfin, dubbed “Ribbon,” does not include any green in the palette like the Prism tailfin used on prior Mint (and non-Mint) A321s.

I guess if you look at the tail where the dark blue is a background, the light blue becomes ribbons.

Thanks for sharing. Itripreport was right!

I also thought Streamer so kinda…?

Close but no cigar…

uhh where’s the engine lol

They must have forgotten it… back to the old pops workshop 😂😂😂

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It’s the A321neo: no engine option.
It’s the most fuel-efficient plane in existence.

The new livery kinda looks cool.

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That’s a good one. Any meme maker here lmao