Photo Recreations

I decided to try and remake 2 of my photos from my trip to Hawaii in November 2019.

A photo I took of a Hawaiian a330 taking off runway 8L aka the reef runway.

And this is my recreation of the photo (There is no Hawaii a330 in IF)

The next photo is of my American 777-200er at gate 28 after my flight from Dallas.

And here is my recreation. There is no bridge and no buildings but it is the same angle and type of photo


when the update releases you should retake the pic

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the a330 one?

no the 777 one

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Spot on, try to zoom in a little more πŸ‘

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Yea i can’t wait for the new American livery on the 777-200er and I will


Yea i just noticed that

Nice job! Always fun to try to recreate IRL photos or videos in IF. Try to zoom in a little more on the shots, also, if you have some friends, they could spawn in behind the 777 as the United planes!

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