Photo in KLAX

busy traffic on taxiway into runway 25R in KLAX training server.
I’m using A330Neo Garuda Indonesia livery.


Was that on Training or Expert? Welcome to the community!

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Nice photos,

Welcome to the community!

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it literally says training server on there…

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Bruh, even the training server is more expert than the expert server.


thank you all! I’m happy because u guys like it!

Welcome to the community! Hopefully we can see some more screenshots from you :)

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Oh😅 Well KLAX is always full on training

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Amazing to see everyone behind the hold short line, especially on the Training Server haha.

Also, the hold short line where everyone is stopping is rarely if not never used for a departure. It is only used when crossing runway 25R. Something else I see very often is that pilots will use taxiway “Charlie” (Far left) to get to the runway then essentially cut to hold short on taxiway “Foxtrot” (Where United is holding short).

At LAX, Taxiway Charlie (Far left) is only used to taxi to and from parkings/around the airport. For all departures the planes will use Taxiway Bravo (Closest to 25R) and taxi to the full length of the runway. Even for cargo planes they will taxi to the top of 25L, cross both runways and make a right turn to the top of runway 25R.

Just something to keep in mind if you are going for realism, as long as you have fun it is no big deal, and amazing topic! Hope to see more from you in the future!