Photo Glitch

In my replay of a flight I took a screenshot using the dedicated button and this is how it turned out:

In addition, The app crashed on approach. I don’t know why, my device is new and has plenty of space.

Thanks, Zach

That’s unfortunate…

What resolution do you have screenshot set to?

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4x… I’m almost positive. I don’t have the device with me right now but I’ll let you know for sure later.

I’m going to assume this is a one time deal, hopefully.
Haven’t seen anything like this before… it must have missed 2 tiles for some reason.

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Odd, Is it possible that the replay hadn’t completely loaded when I pressed the screenshot button. I ask because I pressed it as a mistake and was surprised to see the result. @schyllberg

That is definitely a possibility, yes.

Ok then, that’s probably the answer. Thanks for your time @schyllberg

I appreciate the quick response.

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